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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon – Tummy Tuck in Beverly Hills Worth It?

Lundi 17 septembre 2012

What is it about a woman’s curvy hourglass figure that is so appealing?  Studies have shown that it is the slender and trim waist that men’s eyes are instantly drawn to.    Despite this beauty ideal, it is nearly impossible for all women to achieve this because they biologically tend to gain and store more fat around the belly.  On average, women gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy.  After they have given birth, the fat still remains and can be a huge cause of insecurity and self-image issues.  No matter how much excess fat and skin still hanging in your abdominal area, a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills can give you back your slender figure before childbirth.

Body contouring is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Beverly Hills, with tummy tuck offering the most dramatic results.  Unlike liposuction where only the fatty cells are suctioned out, a tummy tuck actually trims away the excess skin that creates sagging in a side profile.  Also known as abdominoplasty, this plastic surgery in Beverly Hills further slims down the midsection by tightening up the abdominal muscle framework. 

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon - Tummy Tuck in Beverly Hills Worth It? dans Breast Augmentation Beverly HillsTo begin with the tummy tuck in Beverly Hills, you must request an initial consultation a board-certified plastic surgeon so he can better examine you and determine the best strategy to achieve the look you want.  He or she will first perform a physical assessment to ensure that you are in good health.  Then depending on the amount of fat you want removed, the surgeon will decide on either a partial, extended, or a high lateral tension tummy tuck.  It is expected that the more excess fat and skin you want to remove, the longer the procedure may take.  An experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon will ensure that the procedure is performed in a safe environment with the least amount of trauma to your body as possible.  

For patients that need minimal fat removal, a partial tummy tuck would be ideal where only the concentrated fat in the lower abdomen is removed.  This only requires a small incision on either side of the stomach area and the skin is stretched down and trimmed away.  If needed, there will be slight tightening of the muscle fascia wall.  For the more complete abdominoplasty, your surgeon will create a long horizontal incision just above the pubic area extending towards the pelvic bones.  He will lift the entire skin surface skin to gain access to the fatty tissue for removal, and then the underlying muscle framework to tighten.  A complete tummy tuck will require more time in recovery, but is guaranteed to give dramatic results for a slimmer and trimmer waist. 

And if your chest is an issue after childbirth, a breast augmentation in Beverly Hills can also help. Breastfeeding can do a number on the breasts. That, along with the weight gain and weight loss, can cause breasts to droop and deflate where they once were shapely and perky. If you are looking to enhance multiple areas on the body which were affected by pregnancy, your surgeon may recommend a mommy-makeover. A mommy makeover can include several procedures at once; such as tummy tuck, liposuction, arm tuck, body lift, breast augmentation/lift, & more. The surgeon will create a custom treatment plan based on what you’re looking for.